Adding multiple bank accounts to one budget

Hey, it would be great if you could add multiple bank accounts to one budget. Until now it’s only possible to add one or all accounts is that right?

Hi @ands1987

thank you for your message! The thinking behind allowing you to only budget against one or all accounts is that we wanted to offer at least two budgeting options without overcomplicating things. As usual we will monitor this and similar requests to get an understanding of how many of our customers would like to have the multiple bank accounts option implemented.

As a workaround, have you considered using each of your account for specific types of transactions only? for example, some of our users use one account to pay their bills, their mortgage, taxes etc, and another one for ‘cash’ type of transactions (their day to day expenses). When then they go ahead and create a budget that works across all accounts, they will know that a certain budget (say ‘Children’) refers only to the one or two accounts they use for that type of expense, rather than all the accounts they connected to the app.

I hope this helps, thank you again for your message and if you do try what I suggested above feel free to get back to us and let us know how you get on.

Have a good day,