Bank not supported

I can’t find the Fidor bank, do you support them? Also in regard to this, are there other banks that are not supported yet? Is there a list for this?

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Zuper uses the so-called HBCI standard to connect to banks. HBCI is supported by almost all major and smaller banks - but unfortunately not all.

Fidor Bank is currently one of the few banks that doesn’t support HBCI yet. We’re already working on a solution to support Fidor in the future. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you when exactly this will happen.

There is no list at the moment, but I’ll forward your request to our team.

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Also N26!! Why?

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N26 is supported in the Zuper app. If you can’t connect your N26 bank account please write me a private message with the email address you’ve registered in the Zuper app. So we can have a look at your case and see what’s going on there.

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No its okay. I found it. Thanks!

@lunchlady great! Please let us know if you have further questions or suggestions for us. We’re always happy to hear from our users. :slight_smile:

it looks like Solarisbank is also not supported?

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Yes, you’re right. Solarisbank is currently not supported. But we’re already working on a solution to support Solarisbank in the future. Right now I can’t tell you when exactly this will happen.

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