Christmas season

We are approaching holiday (Christmas, new year) periods !! How to deal with all the gifts? How will you control the expenses during this month? I imagine we have to make some sacrifices …

Hi @Leyla.14! You’re right, the Christmas season can be a serious strain on your budget.

If you’re starting to budget for Christmas gifts now, there’s only so much that you can do. So start out by reviewing your expected (regular) expenses for the month and look for opportunities to optimize your spending and put money aside for gifts. A great trick for next year is to save up a smaller amount every month, so Christmas doesn’t come as a surprise.

Once you’ve set your Christmas budget, you should be clear about who you actually want to give gifts to this year. So make a list of names and distribute your total Christmas budget amongst them. You can always adjust the individual amounts as you go, as long as you stay within your total Christmas budget.
Look for ways to optimize that list as well. Do you really need to give gifts to everyone? Could you give shared gifts to couples or kids?

Don’t forget to add your Christmas budget to Zuper! It’ll be a lot easier to track your Christmas expenses that way and you can be sure that you won’t accidentally overspend.

One thing that has helped me a lot over the past years was being upfront with family and friends. I straight up told them that I do not want to receive any gifts and won’t be giving any gifts, as long as we can spend some time together over the holidays. Nobody has ever complained and I’m sure some have even been relieved to have one less person on their list.

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