Error when connecting bank account

When trying to connect my bank account (Raiffeisenbank Wien), I am getting an error “Interface ‘FINTS_SERVER’ is not supported by the bank”

Am I doing something wrong?

By clicking on “Lerne Wie” I am directed to a 404 :confused:

If the problem is my bank - is there a list of Austrian Banks that actually work properly with this app?

Hello @andi welcome to our Zuper community!

Please write me a personal message or an email to our support at so we can investigate your case further.

Please include in this message the email address you’re registered with at Zuper, if you are using Android or iOS and the steps you do until you get the error message.

No sorry, at the moment we don’t have such a list, but I’ll forward your request to our team.

Thank you for reaching out to us!

All best, Elisabeth