How are you budgeting?

Hi! I really like the new forum! I was wondering how other people organize their budgets? Are you actually setting up budgets for every expense or just a few important ones?

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hi, I try to be as precise as possible using some custom categories

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I only budget things that give me problems, like wasting my money at too many restaurants. :rofl::speak_no_evil:

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Hi! I don’t have experience with budgeting so far… Now I am heading to the USA to visit my family and I’ll spend 3 weeks there. I want to hear your experience on how to successfully budget for a big trip…?

Hello and welcome @DiDi9 :sunflower:

You can start with your biggest expenses first, like your flight or accommodation.
The next step could be, that you already know that you will be away for 3 weeks. So how much money will you need per day for room rates and meal costs?

Then you could add some more to your budget for activities, entry fees, shopping, and public transportation. And as you’re on holidays, you might have a bit of a buffer so you won’t miss out on things, so add an amount for this too.

Before you leave you should also think about some pre-trip costs. Do you need a visa, or travel insurance? Add it to your budget.

An important thing is that you’re being realistic and honest to yourself. What can you afford? What might be too much of a hussle? And always be a bit flexible, if you can’t afford eating out super often then it might be better to cook a nice meal with your family instead.

When you track your spending during your travel with Zuper, you get an overview if your budget was accurately and you get a better idea what your spending habits are when you travel. This can also be very helpful for your next trip.

I hope this answers your question, please let us know if you have more questions.

Have a nice weekend!

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I will definitely try out everything you proposed. Thanks a lot!

Tipp from me, I think to normally eat more foot at lunch is less expense compared to dinner. You make your budget money go farther.

@DiDi9 awesome! Feel free to let us know how it worked out :slight_smile:
and maybe you have some additional tipps after your trip, I’m sure others would be happy if you share them here.

great tipp thanks for sharing @lunchlady!