How do you cope with financial stress?

How do you react when you’re in an overdraft? How do you react when you have to pay unexpected bills? Can you keep your cool or do you tend to freak out easily?

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When it comes to unexpected expenses or bank overdraft, I think there is no point in panicking and that can happen to everyone.

But I try to be preventive every month just in case. This happened to me already and I know that my family or friends will help me if it’s too complicated to manage on my own.

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Hello everyone,

I always used to freak out a lot! I couldn’t manage to stay calm and don’t overreact. But I learned to save some money for when shit like that happens. Now I have another bank account then my usual one, there I save money for when things like that happen. Through this backup plan, I can relax much more, and I don’t have the thinking that my whole life is out of control. For me, this was such an important and helpful life decision. :relieved:


Of course, I don’t think it’s great when my account is overdrawn, but I wouldn’t stress myself too much. As long as I know at least that money is coming in again.

First, I would look for the cause of my problem. Then I would look where I still have some money available that I can transfer to the account that’s in overdraft. Then I would take care that the account is at least covered for the next debits.

Usually I have an extra savings account for such cases. This is currently not quite as filled as usual, since I have recently made a longer trip. In general, I have reserves there to help me overcome minor crises like an overdraft.