Missing account/transaction updates

Since a while, the transactions of my account are no longer included in the app. What can I do?

Hello @ands1987 thank you for your message and for reaching out to us!

Please send me a private E-mail with the E-mail address you’re registered at Zuper. We need your E-mail address to be able to investigate your issue.


Same for me. My Commerzbank accounts sometimes stops updating for a few days.

Hello @vanessa58,

thank you for your question!

When updating the account balances, we’re „exposed“ to the respective banks. In general account balances are updated almost in real time.

Unfortunately, there are still some banks that allow updates only at irregular intervals. This can be a reason, why data in Zuper might be a little behind. But still the data should be updated within a few hours.

At the moment we’re working on a suitable solution, but have only small influence here. Thank you for your understanding! Has your data updated in the meantime? If it hasn’t, please send me a private message with the email address you’ve registered in the Zuper app and we have a look at you individual case.

In some cases transactions fail to update, because users don’t store their PIN with finAPI. Have you done this?