Need custom subcategories!

It really bugs me that currently I can only create custom categories and not subcategories. I work as a freelancer and I use categories to mark my expenses against each of my clients. I would like to use subcategories to specify what those expenses are for but at the moment this is not possible!!!

Hi @Sofia! welcome to our community :star_struck:, and thank you for your message!

This is something a few other people have mentioned before, and we have it on our list of future improvements. However, we haven’t yet decided if and when we are going to build it. The main reason for this is that we like to keep things as simple as we can. Personal finance management is already quite tough and we don’t want to increase the complexity of our app unless we know that the new features we are building bring value to most of our users. For now, we will keep monitoring this and other similar threads, so that we can get a sense of the level of interest in this feature within our community. In the meantime, why don’t you ask your friends to comment on this thread too, and give a thumb up to your idea?

Thank you again for reaching out to us!