Out with friends

During group outings with friends, how do you think about money? Everyone pays what he bought or you share everything? For example at the restaurant, you prefer to pay only for what you have eaten or you prefer to share the total sum of the meal?

For me outings with friends must be fun and without any problems;

I’m always wiling to share the total expenses when we are at the restaurant so everyone pays same price. But if it’s activities, and if everyone does not participate for the activity, everyone pays for themselves. It’s always more pleasant and it avoids giving the impression that we are stingy with money …

It entirely depends on the group of people I’m hanging out with.

When I’m with my closest friends, we either split the bill evenly or someone pays for the round. There’s always an occasion to return the favour. I think we are also pretty well aware of everyone’s financial situation, so it’s easy to plan ahead.

In a larger group, or with people I don’t know that well, I’m happy to just pay my share.

Either way, I find it important to talk about these things upfront so nobody has to feel awkward at the end.

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