Ranking of banks

Hello Zuper team! Do you think about putting a feature in the app that would advise the best bank for us, this according to our budget, spending, etc.

Hi Fatou

welcome to the Zuper Community, and thank your for your message!

Regarding your question, this is not something we have on our pipeline. Sure we could look into our customers’ spending patterns, income, budgets and try to give some recommendations. Maybe at some point we will do it. However, there are many banks out there, their product offering changes almost daily, and ultimately the decision of which bank to use often comes down to very subjective criteria which would be hard to factor into our ‘calculations’. For now, we feel that our time is better spent building a tool that works across as many financial institutions as possible, so that anyone can use it and start their journey towards a healthier financial life!

Thank-you again and speak soon!