Receipt tracker

I connected my corporate card to Zuper to keep track of my expenses. It works a treat, but it lacks the ability to upload receipts. Is this anywhere on your roadmap? I know there are many other apps that do this but since I am using Zuper as the central hub to manage my finances it would be good to have this functionality built into it. Thanks!

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Hi @marialeht!

Thank you for your message, I love the idea of using Zuper as a ‘hub’. That’s exactly what we hope more and more people will do, as that’s where our app really shines in terms of helping them achieve control over their finances. Regarding the receipts question - our main focus has always been on making it easier for people to track their finances, budget and ultimately save more. In light of this, we never considered the ability to add notes and images to transactions as something critical to our users. However, there seems to be a bit of a trend in terms of people requesting similar additions, see for example this thread. Currently we are actively monitoring these requests to see what’s the level of interest within our Zuper Community and we’ll prioritise our backlog accordingly. In the meantime, I suggest that you keep an eye on the forum and maybe ask your friends to drop us a note if they feel the same as you on this matter.

Many thanks!


I don’t know @marialeht, as you say there’s plenty of accounting apps out there that are designed specifically for this. I like that they are trying to keep it simple here.

Yeah I agree. Receipt scanning would be cool, especiallly tracking cash.