Screenshot & deleting an operation

Hi Zuper Team,

For security, do you block the screenshot by default? If so, how to reactivate it? Do you think it would be possible to add a feature that would allow us to permanently delete an operation that we do not want to see?

Hi @RogerLarss and welcome to the Zuper Community!

The screenshot functionality is not currently blocked within our app. This may be a setting on your device, can I ask what device you are using to access the app please?

At this time it is not possible to delete operations because the information displayed reflects the transactions of your linked bank accounts. We could instead consider introducing the option to hide transactions, if you feel this would be useful I would recommend raising as an idea in the “Ideas” category where other Community Users can vote to support this.

thanks and have a great day.


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Hi Amy,

thanks for your reply. I’m using an Android Honor 9 Lite.

Okay I see, yes that makes sense to me. I might raise it then, because I would really like to have such a feature.

Thanks @RogerLarss - Great spot, we have been able to replicate on this device and we take action to resolve this so that you can take screenshots in future :slight_smile:

Please do raise, we would love to know what other community users think to this idea!