Sharing expenses when one earns more than the other

hey, I love the idea of the forum! this could be a cool thing when enough peolpe join.

im in a relationship and my girlfriend earns a lot less than i do. how can we share our expenses so its fair to both of us?

I remember early in our relationship, when my wife was still in university with little income, we started splitting all expenses so she paid 1/3 and I paid 2/3 of everything. I was already working at the time so I didn’t mind. It actually worked out great and we continued to do it like most of the time. There was a time when I couldn’t work fully, so she stepped in. We are earning basically the same right now so it doesnt’t reallly matter anymore.

You could also share everything 50/50 but then it would only be fair for you to make some sacrifces instead of wanting her to spend more than she can.

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