Web or desktop app?

Hey Zuper team,
I would love to have a Zuper desktop or web app. I think the app for the phone is very useful but my screen is super small which makes it tiring to work on. Are you planning something like a web/desktop app?

Keep up the good work!

hey @Karamba, thank you for your message! :smiley:

Currently this isn’t on our pipeline. We really believe in our mobile proposition, and for the foreseeable future that is what we want to focus on. Having said that, as always with these things, we’ll keep monitoring this and other similar threads and we will revisit this decision if we feel that there is enough interest among our awesome Zuper users! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank-you again and have a great evening,


+1 for this topic. Isn’t there a feasible way to have a responsive app that works on both web and phone?
I like the quick overview on the phone. But when it comes to working on my financials that is something that I only wanna do on my desktop because it’s super exhaustive working on a phone. So having a platform that serves both would be ideal.

Hi @kai.gausmann,

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Thank you very much for your feedback :raised_hands: , point noted. As I mentioned in my previous message at the moment this is not on our pipeline however we are monitoring this and other similar threads and we will be happy to reassess in the future depending on how many upvotes this feature receives.

Thank you again and have a great afternoon!