Where do you want to improve your spending in the new year?

The new year has already started. Did you make some new year’s resolutions? Is there a particular budget where you want to improve your spending? Feel free to share it with the community and in return, you might get some useful tips on how to stay in control easily. :relaxed:


I would like to learn how to better control my budget “clothes” … I am a fashion addict, and sometimes I can’t stop myself …

So If you have some tips, how I can take more control of my wallet and stop impulse buying, that would be amazing.

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For me it would be reducing the amount I spend on eating out and general spend outside of my bills


Hello @Audrey_45,

thanks for sharing! That’s a really good point. I think many of us struggle with impulse buying. Here are some tips which might help you:

  1. You can create a budget for impulse buying in your Zuper app. In this way, you still can make impulse purchases but you have an obvious limit. Having a limit can help you stop buying stuff and stick to it.

  2. Avoid online shopping websites. It’s super easy to get in an endless shopping loop when you do internet shopping, so avoid it at all. Instead prefer shopping in physical shops. In this way, it’s a bit harder, because you have to leave the house, go to the shop, etc.

  3. Avoid credit cards.

  4. Make a list of things you really need.

  5. Before you buy something ask yourself do I really need this? Often it’s good to wait a day or even a week before you buy something. Especially with impulse purchases you often only think you need it in this one particular moment but when you wait with buying, you realize that you actually don’t need it at all.

Please let me know if these points help you to better control your clothes budget.

All best,