"Your Monthly Balance is Negative"

I don’t know if this is in another topic but I don’t see it.

Small complaint, but it annoys me, so… the “monthly balance” in my app is almost always negative.

I guess its because I get paid at the end of one month and then all my spending is in the next month, but its kind of depressing when I go into the app and it says that I have money in my accounts but my monthly balance is allways yellow and “negative”

Hello @lunchlady,

thank you for reaching out to us!

We can totally understand that this is annoying for you and we’re already working on this. In the future it will be possible for Zuper users to set the start day of the month manually. This will solve the problem with the negative monthly balance.

In the meantime I thank you for your patience :relaxed:


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thats great! Thanks for the answer. I will watch for it. :trophy: